How to Keep Your Heat Pump in Good Shape

If you’ve invested in a heat pump, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. A heat pump repair technician will help you with that. They’ll make sure the system is functioning correctly, addressing any problems and providing solutions before it becomes too costly to fix. They can also help you decide whether to replace your heat pump.

Generally, heat pumps last about 15 years. After that point, it’s time to consider replacement. This can be difficult to know, but a professional will assess the system and provide an honest diagnosis of whether your current system should be repaired or replaced.

Power Problems

If the heat pump won’t turn on at all, check the circuit breakers in the home’s electrical panel and any electric subpanels that supply power to the air handler and the heat pump condenser. If the breakers have tripped, flip them back on. If the unit still won’t start, the thermostat’s heat anticipator may need to be reset. This can be done by using the instructions in the owner’s manual.

A dirty air filter can restrict the flow of heat and create a situation where certain rooms or areas don’t receive equal warmth. A technician can replace the air filter. Blower wheel and motor issues may also be corrected by a heat pump repair technician. They’ll ensure the blower draws the proper amperage and doesn’t waste energy.


As your heat pump ages, it may become louder than usual. A hissing sound can indicate a leak in the refrigerant line, while banging noises can mean that the compressor or fan needs repair or replacement. Ultimately, these noises should never go unaddressed because they’ll only get worse over time.

It’s important to schedule a routine maintenance visit every year, especially during the summer when the heat pump will be working hardest. A professional will inspect the system, clean the blower and coils and make sure all components are in good condition. They’ll then make sure the unit is running efficiently and that all controls are working correctly.

It’s a good idea to have a repair service for your heat pump on-call in case you encounter any problems. In most cases, a heat pump repair will fix the problem and help you determine when it’s time to replace the system. However, there are some issues that will always be better addressed by a replacement technician. If your heat pump is approaching the end of its lifespan or you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns, it’s time to call a replacement specialist. Contact Reliable AC & Heat today for more information about the benefits of heat pump replacement. We’ll help you determine whether a repair or replacement is the best solution for your home or business in Madison. We offer free estimates on all new installations. We look forward to hearing from you soon!