Downtown Alpharetta Welcomes You!

Alpharetta more info is the largest city located in northwest Fulton County, Georgia, and is a prosperous suburb south of Atlanta. It lies within the Atlanta city area. As of the 2010 US Census, Alpharetta’s registered population was 97,561. The official estimate for the next five years is likely to be lower because many people move out of state every year and the population can change rapidly. In the 2010 census, the number of residents was estimated to be 67,212.


There are a few historical landmarks in the area. The first town in Atlanta to become chartered was Atlantic Station on the Chattahoochee River. In the early part of the nineteenth century, it was the first rail line built in the US outside of New England. The name of the town was changed to Atlanta after it was acquired from the English. The first planned station was planned for the intersection of Ovie St and Main Street.

There are a few industries in the area that date back to the colonial period. The original rationale was to provide a connection between the eastern seaboard and the Mississippi River. The state of Georgia purchased this former mill at what is now known as Kingsley’s Creek in April of 18zo. In the early twentieth century, the tract was designated the City of Atlanta. The Atlanta freeway system continues eastward to the Pacific Ocean.

The original plan called for an expressway that would link the two points, but the southern route of the expressway ran through the middle of what is now Atlanta. The Atlantic harbor was built by the Atlanta Railway Bridge Company and remains one of the few examples of post-railroad bridges in the country. In addition to the commercial uses of the area, the city has a significant Historically Black cultural center. Several neighborhoods, including the Central Park of Atlanta, mark the historic divide between blacks and whites in the United States.

Due to the rapid growth of the region, Atlanta has seen a rapid expansion in its housing market. Atlanta’s growth has caused many to relocate to the Atlanta suburbs. The cities of Lithonia, Degausset, and Fulton County have combined to create what is now known as the Metroplex. This has enabled the growth of grocery stores, shopping malls, and other facilities such as colleges and hospitals in the suburban cities of Atlanta and Georgia.

The Atlanta skyline is also notable with the sign above the Atlanta airport reading “GEORGIA STATION TODAY”. The words “GEORGIA STATION” help give direction to the metro area, which is comprised of cities like: Atlanta, Cobb County, Georgia, Worth County, Blairsville, Macon County, Ellijay-Crestview-Rogers City, and Clayton. A unique feature of the downtown alpharetta welcome center is the signage located on the top floor. This highly informative message provides information about various aspects of life in the area including restaurants, movie theatres, galleries, art galleries, banks, ATMs, and other facilities. The welcome center is a vital part of downtown alpharetta.